Stanford Continuing Studies Course: Enhanced Dialogue for Couples March 5 & 12, 2016

The quality of a couple’s relationship is often the most important determinant of their sense of well-being and satisfaction in life. It can also be the source of much challenge and frustration. So how do we make our committed relationships a source of pleasure, support, and growth? We are neurologically designed for openness to each other and for the ability to sense and respond to the openness of others. By becoming aware of these sensitivities and developing tools for increasing perception and comfort we can make meaningful changes in the quality of our conversations.

In this course, we will learn from the evidence-based work of John Gottman and others who are researching couples’ dynamics. We will also look at the neurological basis for our responses to each other and the optimal conditions for receptivity, expressiveness, and learning. Participants will be instructed in simple and powerful techniques for staying open in difficult conversations. Presentations by the instructor will be combined with time for couples to practice techniques privately. Couples will not be required to share personal details in the group; rather, group discussion will feature our reflections on the ideas presented and on life as a couple. Participants will leave the workshop with enhanced skills for becoming a high-functioning team.


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