Consult Groups

“Making therapy an exciting adventure for the therapist is my goal. Meaningful discussion with colleagues increases the fun and the learning of being a therapist.”

My consultation groups for therapists provide a stimulating, supportive and respectful atmosphere for therapists from many backgrounds to discuss their work. The group starts with the assumption that all members are effective and well-trained therapists and that much can be learned by a lively exploration of situations where the therapist notes an unusual amount of challenge in the work.
In the group I foster energetic discussion of the multiplicity of approaches of the group’s members, encouraging them to share their own unique skills and understandings.

In addition to facilitating the group members’ contributions, I focus on developing therapists’ skills and awareness for achieving open Apertures™ in relationships – between therapist and client, partners in relationships and with each other in the group.

In the consultation groups as in my workshops, I help therapists with the skillful addition of Aperture™ awareness and dialogue to their own individual style of therapy.

My groups are certified for CEU credits.